The Long Tail is back !! (Sept 2007)

Following from previous discussion about "The Long Tail Justification"...

where we put up a case study to examine the adoption of Long Tail economy by search engines, targeting Google.

It was found that Google indeed purge away older contents to give way for newer contents. And this may not be a bad thing.

Now, just to prove to you that after a period of time, the old content will come back again.

The case study follows this content which was created since 21st June 2007.

The following screen capture follows the above mentioned content from 21st June 2007 to 2nd October 2007.

Long Tail

You can see clearly that there are two period which the content suffered visibly zero response (mainly due to the fact that it cannot be found from search engine Google). These two periods are..

From 30th June 2007 to 20th July 2007 (20 days).
From 15th August 2007 to 4th Sept 2007 (20 days).

After 4th Sept 2007, the responses come back and I describe it as "the Long Tail is back" for this content.

The following gives you a magnified view from 15th Aug 2007 to 30th Sept 2007.

The Long Tail