Microsoft Confirms War on Online Horizontal Enterprise Apps

Ever since the series of events involving the horizontal enterprise application such as launching of GAPE (Google Enterprise Application) and followed by acquisition of Zimbra by Yahoo as well as the initiatives taken by IBM, Microsoft has finally launched Office Live Workspace and Office Live Small Business.

Office Live Workspace provides one with online repository to store and share Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and etc). This will be a treat to certain applications which such enterprise documentation system. It is still currently under beta edition and is limited to certain numbers of people, sign up quick for preview.

And make sure you are accessing it using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox.

Office Live Small Business is analogous to Google's base, page creator and Adwords. It is meant for small businesses to having a web presence easily for marketing.

Both provides free sign-ups.

Previously I mentioned that all these initiatives are going to take ASP application providers off the market and out of the retire-young dreams. Now, it is even obsessive to contemplate that sooner or later, web site developers will go out of businesses too.

Profit margins (related business) will be greatly sliced. Software companies have no choice but to either adopt a new business model or move up the value chain to benefit from larger sizeable projects in order to sustain operation costs.

This doesn't look good for many players in the Asia Pacific regions where innovations are seldom spoken. The timeline to achieve the much needed big breakthrough will be granted slower in this greatly flattened world where nobody can hide from each other anymore, it is either do it or benefit from nothing.

It is not easy to cope because our time is limited, the question is how much time can you afford to adapt to changes ? Is there any money left for the web business ?

Anyway, Office Live Workspace is not ready yet. Just get yourself pre-registered.

Stay tuned to this frequency!!!