WCIT 2008 - Be a volunteer now !!

The World Congress Information Technology (WCIT) is held once every two years, it is a forum that brings together global leaders in business, government and academia. Check out here.

The objectives of WCIT are:
  • Enable businesses
  • Empower societies
  • Enrich economies
WCIT is being oversight by World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA). Check out for more in FAQ.

WCIT will be held in Malaysia from May 18 - 22, 2008.

For this event, it is jointly organized by MDec, PIKOM and MOSTI.

Check out the speakers

And if you want to be a speaker, don't miss out the opportunity as well.

As usual, there had been and will be many sub-events yet to be happened leading up to such a big event.

Be a volunteer now !!


Unknown said…
kalyango kenneth winston p o box 10769 kampala uganda
email kalkenny2007@yahoo.com

dear sir or madam
how are you.im augandan by birth who would like to attend that event of world congress information technology
iam a student at one of the ugandan institute who was taking information technology so for that case i would like to widen my knowledge by attending that event.
God bless you all hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
yours faithfully
kalyango kenneth winston
Unknown said…
its such a good job that you are doing to explore knowledge may you continue progressing.
Anonymous said…
please can you be leneant tome and i attend that event because i would like to share ideas with different norms of people.conti8nue progressing as we pray for you there and continue to teach the world about leadership and scientific knowledge.happy day to all of you