YouTube's Content Identification

Heads-up from Google's Blog.

Google via YouTube just launched a Video Identification tool (beta) for content owners.

In a layman's perspective, I understand that this is a technology (software) which would perform video recognition, as compared to other older technology like text recognition (ORC), voice recognition and image recognition (computer vision).

And if we search from Yahoo, video recognition is still pretty much new.

Ok, Google has set another precedence again.

Video recognition will introduce automation to video's content recognition. The follows are some possible scenarios:

  1. First of all, we can differentiate between two videos and subsequently, we can assign unique IDs to each. Previously, what we can do is only to compare it sizes, tags and also time-stamp attributes for differences.
  2. Now we can compare video like comparing text, which it would be able to determine (automatically) whether someone has copied your contents. We will be able to find out the exact difference between Video 1 and Video 2, and this will set a new precedence for Intellectual Property playgrounds.
  3. With the ability to identify videos up to the genetic level, video content can now be cook up with different management flavors, such as policy compliance and even content filtering.

If you are a content owner and wish to participate in the beta program, please check out here.