estate123 : Property Trading Made Easy

TheEdgeDaily published this news.

Matrix Invent launched property trading web portal; eState123.

In quick summary...
  1. Portal.
  2. For Property Trading.
  3. Search Features.
  4. SMS Enabled.
Business Model...

Collect Database and offer value-added services. In other words, this is the real Information Technology business where they will collect information first for free and then as it becomes sizable, they will sell information in various forms using technology. For instance, analytics services.

Other Comparison:

Online business is a fun thing, it looks like a lot of potential, even though one mustn't underestimate the challenges.

I know about another similar web site called Nestoria, a vertical search engine portal for U.K and Europe.

Nestoria seems more fun, it has cool user-interface and also it provides development API and tools. It also integrates Google Maps to give it the maximized potential. Another cool thing about it is it's initiative to integrate with other web sites.

To find out the challenges faced by Nestoria team, check out this blog.

Too bad, estate123 does not have the luxury of integrating with Google Maps for Malaysia, simply because it(Google Maps for Malaysia) is not available to Malaysian. estate123 is also being low-profile on its technical adoption. Perhaps the CMO can comment here.

Happy Trading Online.