Inventions of Year 2007

iPhone is the coolest invention of the year.

Inventions are categorized into:

  1. Car and buses - Green concept automobile.
  2. Aircraft - Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
  3. Space - usage of methane as energy source.
  4. Robots - Hortibot; weeding robot for farming.
  5. Entertainment - 3D
  6. Law & Order - Laser-guided GPS technology.
  7. Living - HITS (Head Impact Telemetry System) helmet.
  8. Environment - Sugar powered battery.
  9. Architecture - Computer-controlled water nozzles' wall.
  10. Fashion - Mood recognition bubelle dress.
  11. Computer - Bended screens.
  12. Environment - PowerFootOne - Battery powered prosthetic foot and recycles energy.

Check it out here.

I still think Segway is the coolest invention around (since 1991) and very much admire its inventor Dean Kamen who is inventing a cool prosthetic arm inspired by injured US armies.

All these are of course by American standard.

For Malaysia, we probably would have categories like water, energy and communication invention. However, one invention from Malaysia that I know about is "The Bubble".

The Bubble is a pair of sunglasses with a device, similar to a Bluetooth headset, attached to it. The device acts as the "eye" for the blind and offers them an invisible protecting bubble.


Anonymous said…
Is there anywhere I could find invention done by Malaysians? I am sure there are some, but very difficult to find. Maybe not publicised that much? I dunno.

If you know, pls let me know. THanks for your help.
Brandon Teoh said…

It is rare, but I don't have much information on that. If you do, please share with us.

you can contact