Rum Radionet - Your Alternative Online Radio

RUM Radionet is back and even better and easier to log in!

You can now listen to non-stop music (with no commercial breaks!) by simply logging into RockUnite and click on the Real Player icon to enjoy various original music we have playing on RUM Radionet provided by kind courtesy of their owners-musicians-artistes!

RUM Radionet's playlist now includes music from

~ Cats In Love ~ Soft Touch ~ Mokita ~ Jerry Felix ~ Single Track Mind ~ Kiri ~ Pocus Whiteface ~ Passion ~ Blues Treats ~ Tolyn Red Hot ~ Mokita ~ Electric Ladyland ~ Saharadja ~ Karen Nunis Blackstone ~ Fasylive ~ Peter Brown ~ Deja Voodoo Spells ~ Spunky Fuggy ~ Sharin Band ~ Nrocinu ~ Zubira ~ Duke ~ Mistaken Identity ~ Afterburn ~ Reborn ~ The Big Band and soon to come, a heart wrenching ballad from Ayani, Eastern metal meets traditional infusion in Nrocinu's 'Pengganas', Kiri's full length album for all hybrid rock lovers and Karen Nunis Blackstone's second album, 'Dark Sun Big Rain'.

So yes, if you would like your music to be played on RUM Radionet, send Gerry Loh and email.. No distinction, no barriers - we welcome and play any music, any genre, any language - as long as you think it's great listening and would like to share it with all.

DJ Fadhil aka Cool Dude will soon be coming on air live and will spin his nightly selection of songs. If there are any other cool dudes and babes out there who would like to DJ on RUM Radionet, send me an e-mail too!

RUM Radionet is also featured on which opens up another whole new market of listeners.

Thanks to all the owners-musicians-artistes who have contributed their songs to RUM Radionet. We welcome others anytime.

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting RUM Radionet and being passionate about another alternative channel for the promotions of original music.

Do pass the word around about RUM Radionet - remember, it's RockUnite again.

Happy listening.