uCertify PrepKit - Macromedia Flash Professional Exam

The IT business is a very dynamic one, it is about trends and innovations. There are two critical success factors;
  1. Best Practices
  2. Speed
To be able to keep up to date with latest trends, updating latest skill-sets is an art. It is a trade-off between time and money. The ideal way is to obtain the required skill-sets within the shortest time as possible.

Of course, you don't want to learn the wrong thing within the shortest period of time, that would be suicide because it may be more costly to unlearn something. And with explosion of information both online and offline, the precedence of Just-Google-It culture and also the introduction of attention-economy, it is really hard to study the best content.

Even though it is wise to study from the source(vendors) such as Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, IBM and etc and yet still there is a trick to it.

Personal Experience:

My personal experience taught me that the best way to pick up new IT skill-sets is to learn as if you are going for the certification exams. This is because certification exams are prepared by vendors and they know best.

Not only that, it is cost-effective because certification exams come with clearly defined scopes and objectives, so to ensure that you are learning the right idea and going at the right path.

Tools To Choose From:

Thus, now it landed us to a junction of choosing the right tools. Are you going to buy a certification book ?? or go to attend courses ??

I have always think that eLearning is the best learning method, for the reason that not only eLearning provides abundance of information that are well organized, it also can customize to personal factors such as studying at the right time and place. (Some people only study well at night). Thus, going for classes is a yes-no for me, while eLearning is a yes-yes for me.

Nevertheless, eLearning is also a tricky thing. Sometimes users may be tricked into believing the integrity of an eLearning provider, later to find out that the content and tools provided are not as comprehensive as expected.

The technology used by eLearning providers forms the pivotal factor for their survivals and successes.

About uCertify:

uCertify is a online provider of certification PrepKit; interactive software that helps you to learn and track your progress and identify area for improvement and simulation of actual exams.

This is tremendously promising and let's check out one PrepKit; Macromedia Flash Professional Exams.

After you have purchased a PrepKit, an email will be sent to you for download instruction and license key.

The PrepKit is a window based (including Vista) desktop software to be installed on your local machine. In fact, the PrepKit is the technology of uCertify; a software engine which has upgrade ability.This means that users can upgrade the engine and content for free in the future. This is really important because technology such as Flash would undergo upgrades very often and as avid IT professionals, we don't want to miss out a single thing.

Like I mentioned earlier, our intention is more about learning new skill-sets without prior knowledge in the best shortest time and efficient manner as possible.

The first thing you see from the PrepKit is the dashboard; an intuitive interface to almost everything that the software has.

PrepKit For Normal People:

And I must emphasize again, the good thing about PrepKit is that it provides you a good environment which helps to engage your mind, assuming that we are all just normal human with normal IQ.

Let's assume that you are really very busy and wanted to learn about Macromedia Flash within a short period of time; in case you are a project manager to a project which requires usage of Flash technology or you have to quickly undertake a project overnight.

All you need to do is to access the "Study Notes and Articles" immediately.

Contents are organized into three formats:
  1. Flash Card
  2. Articles
  3. Notes

PrepKit FlashCardFlash Card


Thus, what you need to do now is within just a very short period of time, you can browse through the whole content, performing bookmarking, tagging and taking notes as you go about it. And you don't have to worry that you will miss a pivotal thing because contents are molded from certification point of view.

And then, maximize your learning with the quiz and tests.

If you are serious about learning, take the adaptive test which will adjust the test according to your strength. Also, make use of the custom test (where you can work more on your weeknesses).

Otherwise, if you are a hardcore "RAD (Rapid Application Development)" test-goer, do everything all at once. And you are almost there.

Make use of the progress tracker to find out if you are really ready. And go for the exams.

The good thing is that you can make use of PrepKit in various manners, you can follow a honest studying routine (never peep at the answers) or you can just strip naked all the way, else you can mix between both.

Learning with PrepKit is better than learning from books because you hit the button straight, rather than listening to the book authors' fantasy and suggestions to be intelligent. Well, we have to time for that.... Maybe later.


  1. Learn what professionals would learn and know and practice.
  2. At the same time, study as if you are going for certification exams which would give you double edges because what you are learning is really want the vendor wants you to know.
  3. PrepKit provides a very ideal environment for learning because it is interactive with features as such tagging, bookmarking and making notes.
In short, one would learn better with PrepKit because it is mind-engaging and fun. It is not so much pedagogy but it is very effective. The critical good things about PrepKit is that we are learning best practices and with the help of PrepKit, we can do it fast and effective.

Just Like Playing Games:
    Ultimately, PrepKit works by making learning as playing games. As you keep playing over an over again, you would then be able to master the ideas and concepts because it becomes routine and eventually, you become enlightened with it.


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