Who is Making All That Money ?

Google recently announced the Android challenge.

I began to wonder what is going to happen to this industry, as more people get into the business, profit margin would dwindle and nobody actually make any money.

Besides the 5 essential mobile applications, Google needed more.

In fact, eventually Google and the other big boys would be making all the money. This is what I can it trend. When the trend is confirmed, the only way to make money is to do things fast and easy. No one can afford to sit back and started to do architecture visualizing.

We have to do it fast, we need competency benchmark, for instance, prove that you can code some applications within 1 day and etc. This is what I called competency and no longer we need to sell the ideas of ubiquitous lifestyle which Google would be able to do a lot of marketing on that part, which is what is happening now.

Google has taken over as the marketing manager of many high-tech lifestyle models on behalf of all the technical evangelist like me.

The winner is supposedly be the one who can follow trend and prove competencies that things can be done with a solid dateline and speed.

But then again, I pause to wonder .... Is this still software engineering ?

Think about it, just many things are possible now, the question is how fast you can adopt it. Google, Yahoo and etc has already created a world of innovations which even a college degree can't afford to teach all. We need individual efforts to create miracles; that is for sure.

But still, how we are going to survive ? If you have an idea and wanted to make it work on the web, it is considered done, you just need to have more time to learn and apply. But if everybody is thinking about the same thing, then what is your uniqueness ?

So, at times like this, being web-based doesn't make anything special anymore, it is just a matter of time. So, web now becomes a necessity, meant to create more operation efficiency than sales.

To survive in this economy, we need passions supported by available technologies, and not the other way round.

It used to be the day when passions are limited by technology availability, now I think the world is ready for another culture shift.

Entrepreneurs who can succeed must clearly indicate their passions, the more passionate, the better you can succeed.