The 2008 Outlook of Spam Emails

Previously, I did propose an anti-spam campaign, which is to offer spammers marketing and sales "counter-spams". And I could noticeably see that some spam emails actually stop coming back.

From Google Blog, we can see some important facts. 1 billion of messages where blocked at Google's side due to spamming reasons.

And ..

In fact, Nucleus research estimates unchecked spam can cost a company up to $742 per user.

Spam evolution.
  1. Text spam
  2. Image spam
  3. Attachment spam
  4. Audio spam
2008 Forecast:
  • Spam volume will stabilize and could actually decrease in 2008 as spam attacks become more targeted and less of a pure volume game
  • Virus attacks will continue to blend with spam and will focus more on identity theft.
  • Information confidentiality will gain importance.
  • Hosted solution will increase in lieu to the increase in cost in terms of self managing activities.
  • Identity theft will increase through web sites (social networking sites, blogs and auction sites)
Email Archiving:

Another important thing is email archiving which will promote the following benefits:
  1. Secure Messaging
  2. Backup and Recovery
  3. Business Continuity
  4. Retrieval On-Demand
And according to OpenFind, here are top 10 reasons "Why Implement OpenFind MailBase Email Archiving Solution"

  1. Build email retention policy to meet regulatory concerns
  2. Archives all email messages and attachments without compromising
  3. Maintenance effort are considering as high priority in IT operation
  4. Longing for better ILM solution to manage the stored mail
  5. Hard to retrieve required data instantly
  6. Insufficient design and difficult to manage retained messages
  7. Hard to balance the information security and message retrieval
  8. Looking for more efficient backup and recovery process
  9. Mail audit is required for enterprise-wide risk management
  10. Business continuity is a continual challenge


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