BriteWorks : Effortless Application Creation

I just got introduced into this cool company from Malaysia; BriteSoft. BriteSoft (a self funded company) developed BriteWorks.

About BriteWorks:

BriteWorks is an emerging technology, the Effortless and Rapid Application Development Tool for Web, Desktop and Mobile development. BriteWorks studio is used for development of application without writing or generation ANY code. The engine is built using Java and as such applications can be deployed in any platform or database.

About BriteSoft:

BriteSoft is in the business of Highly Rapid Application Development Tools that eliminate coding. With its extensive application development experience, BriteSoft has changed the rules of the game when it comes to programming and building applications. Its flagship product, BriteWorks is an award winning platform that helps customers deliver applications 20 times faster, yet with higher quality and hugely reduces costs. Developers need not know java, VB, C++ or any other programming language or technology.

BriteSoft’s philosophy is ‘zero code generation’ and ‘develop once, run everywhere’ (i.e. client server, web, PDA). BriteSoft has a series of line-of-business applications that have all been powered by BriteWorks.

BriteSoft has a track record for quality and successful implementations in company’s such as TM, DiGi, TimedotCom, Proton/Maybank, Heitech Padu, XYBase, MTIB, ActValue (Italy), JM Stefko (Poland), Daffodil University (Bangladesh) etc.


The Gartner group has stated that by 2020 most application will be built in the manner outlined by BriteWorks, i.e. less or no coding.

Case Study:
  1. BriteAccount is a TelCo billing system. It is an enterprise application built using BriteWorks and currently used by DiGi Telecommunications. Completed in 2.5 months vs 6 man-month with repeat orders.
  2. ProtonEdar/Maybank2U – 1 week on Linux & MYSQL
  3. ActValue – 2 persons in 4 weeks for WMS integrated to RFID / BarCode Reader
  4. HeiTech – For eGovernment projects (integrate to digital devices, bio-matrix, gate etc) on POC / prototype to increase win rate
  5. MIDA – with 45 man-days Vs 450 man-days

Check out BriteSoft and contact the marketing at

Also check out their live demo with presentation by its CEO (Mr. Fazel Naghshineh)