eBay Malaysia, PayPal Express Checkout and Web Trends

I got a newsletter via PayPal who is actually doing marketing for eBay Malaysia.

It states that it is easier now to sell via eBay Malaysia with hosts of new features and tools.

Another great thing is 'express checkout' from PayPal, which claim to have a capacity of 40% conversion rate. This is good to hear...

I do realize that selling on eBay has now become a pre-requisite to setting up an e-commerce web site, given the fact that there are so many skills available to be acquired and get accustomed with and it is best practice.

It is the same as the fact that if you want to start a web site, start a blog first. Get yourself familiarize with concepts such as rss, search engines, url, content management, hosting, templates and etc.

PayPal also offer extended and localized customer supports.

WeekdaysWeekendsContact Info
Phone Service09:00 - 21:0009:00 - 18:00(+65) 6510-4650
Email Service09:00 - 21:0009:00-18:00Email

Also, if you would like to solve out the issues by yourself.