Games For Mental Development

Not long ago, Yahoo games issued an article about how playing computer games gives rise to a few benefits, the reasons given are:
  1. They can make kids smarter
  2. They can Help Fight Cancer - collection of distributed computing power in order to unlock the mysteries of protein folding - the key to cancerous formation
  3. Raise Awareness
  4. Ease Pain
  5. Brighten Your Day
Personally, I play some games whenever possible. I heard that computer games was created for programmer to break monotony of computer programming. During those days, programmers spent many hours facing the computer screens trying to develop software, and they needed some sort of break to relax their brain, thus computer games was created.

Now, computer games is everywhere and for many purposes.

I play Sierra Pharaoh, Ceasar III, StarCraft and games available at my Vista machine, which consist of Chest Titans, Queens, FreeCell, Minesweeper, Solitaire and Puzzle.

And I reckon to the following benefits that achieved through me:
  1. Makes Me Smarter - Think harder, creatively, analytically and etc
  2. I Train Myself to Solve Problems On The Spot - because engaging in games forces me to think solutions out of problems
  3. Relaxing
  4. Get Myself More Comfortable With My Own Computer - this is good for those who are suffering from computer phobia
  5. Acquire More Knowledge - For instance, playing Sierra Pharaoh gives me the opportunity to learn about Egyptian civilization. Playing flight simulation games enable me to learn about being a pilot.

Yesterday I found another new games which I believe it contributes constructively to mental development. It is called the HumanBrainCloud.

It is very simple game where it will generate random text so that users or players will response with something (a word or text or phrase) which is deemed as most relevant.

For instance, if the system generates the word "love", then users may response with "wedding" or "mother" or "christ" or etc. There is no right and wrong.

What I like about HumanBrainCloud is that it forces you to expand your imagination in order to reason the responses. Such game is good for some break in between long hours of brain-drenching activities and it is accessible online.

Human Brain Cloud

It also lets users view the cloud generated as a result of users' responses; the cloud is a dynamic illustrations of a particular text with its associated responses.

Human Brain Cloud