PIKOM PC Fair 2007 (III) - KLCC

PIKOM Show Guide
The final PC Fair for the year is happening now... PIKOM PC Fair 2007 (III). It is otbe held with three dates at multiple locations.

The main sponsor for the show guide is World of KungFu.

I went there for a walk... I actually bought myself a notebook cooler pad, which I think it is pretty cool. You know Malaysia is a full-time summer country. This would give my laptop IBM ThinkPad R60 a longer run perhaps (I hope so).

Comes with 3 USB powered fans.

The cooler pad cost me RM 30 (outside the PC fair) and RM 29 (in the fair) plus a complementary free gift. That is not too bad for a passionate drive down to KL city center amidst a very bad traffic congestion.

Check out other cooler pads available in Malaysia. I personally prefer the "CoolerMaster NotePal Infinite". I think it looks cool and it is more expensive too.

And Lenovo has got new things.... ThinkPad R61, T61 and X61. And comparing with previous specs, R61 now has the following new things.

  1. Intel Core 2 Processor (1.8GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache)
  2. DVD Recordable Dual Layer
  3. Intel Graphic Media Accelerator (GMA X3100) Built-in Graphic Card
Not bad ... basically a new model, this proves that technologies get obsolete so fast. It was just less than a year which I bought the "brand new" laptop.

And Dell has got good stuffs too...

The Inspiron notebooks now available in 8 vibrant colours.

I want you to check out HTC here...

HTC TyTN II with integrated keypad cost RM 3288 with free (screen care + 2GB MicroSD + bluetooth headset ) while HTC P3600i that has almost similar features comparing to TyTN II but without integrated keypad cost RM 2799. All special prices for the fair only.

And Streamyx is selling as usual, with promotional packages.

LiewCF says just have to change your cable and it will work great.

Logitech has got some good stuffs for gamers, check out it similarity with StarCraft.

And MSI for the cool graphic cards flyers ... I just like the graphics.

A glimpse into the crowd... nothing unusual.