Very Intelligent Search Engines

I do want to compliment that Google and Yahoo are very intelligent entities.

Just about one week ago, since realizing Blogspot's available features of URL forwarding... I decided to change the URL from (common) to (custom)

This is pretty much like a rebranding exercise for this blog.

The trouble which concerns us all is that the biggest asset of the web frontier is still the URL. And search engines like Google and Yahoo work based on URLs. It means that it is the URLs which will be indexed and subjected to pageRank and not the content. Thus there is a risk where if you have an old URL with pageRank equals to 5/10, by switching over to a new URL, you will suffer totally from 0/10 because it is considered a new baby to the search engine.

However, Blogspot takes note of this issue well and it works.

Last time...

Now ...

Thus, just within a week, even search engines recognize that I have put forth with the changes to the URL, and it happens in a seamless manner. This is really sophisticated, respect!

So, if you are in my situation, don't worry and you can proceed with the undertaking of changing from a blogspot URL to a customized URL. Guaranteed to work!

However, also due to the surge of traffics lately, this blog is now suffering from bandwidth congestions.

It could be the problem of communication between Blogspot's server and the server which registered the custom URL (goDaddy).