Windows Vista : Better Than Nothing

CNET UK rated Windows Vista to be top 10 terrible tech product.

I have been using Vista for around 7 months now and I have to tell you that Windows Vista is just the best Windows all over, better than XP of course.

Just to name a few things I like about Vista...

1. The graphics
2. The fault tolerance
3. The power plans.
4. The rabbit-hole-deep search.
5. More intelligent and user-friendly.

Things which I don't really like about...

1. Minimum 1G RAM.
    The tip is to make use of a blank 2G thumb drive to assign it as virtual memory. Claimed to be recommendation from Microsoft

2. Vista Business has no default DVD decoder for Media Player.
3. IIS 7 has no default SMTP server.
4. Device driver problems is still quite persistent. I heard many complains about this.

The Great Delay...

Vista had been delayed for some time before it was finally launched during the early months of 2007. Speculations spread about Microsoft incompetencies and business problems, however, I just like to suggest that delays were caused by Microsoft last minute changes made to Vista in order to make sure that it goes well with their business strategies, which consist of:

1. Making sure that Google Desktop couldn't function well.
2. Making sure that business partners have money to be made. (Microsoft even wants to make sure that DVD Decoder sellers make money this time).
3. Making sure that direct competitors don't make a fool out of it.

Conclusion is that if you are Windows user, Vista is still the best choice of operating system.

And if you are technical person, it would be ideal to turn off the UAC.