Want To Be ICT Entrepreneur For 2008 ?

We will start by looking at certain facts which will paint the overall Malaysia IT perspective, from political to economical.

The latest according to IDC is that 9.1% growth of IT spending would positively anticipated for 2008 and Microsoft would benefit largely of it.

And that is about it..The focus of Malaysia media is still back to the fundamentals of racial issues, election and inflation.

However, as Malaysian we are lucky that the government has recognized the need to nurture more entrepreneurs, with extra focus on the ICT sector. This is partly due to the fact that setting up ICT business requires less cost and is more risk-tolerant.

Fundings are available, with the most recent announcement from Cradle Investment Fund (CIP) which allocates RM 30 million for 2008, with each RM 150k grant capable.

Check out Cradle Investment Fund (CIP).

And UOB joint-ventured with Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PUMM) and Green Packet Bhd’s unit J&C Pacific Sdn Bhd to offer a RM50 million loan facility for young Malaysians aspire to venture into the ICT sector.

And MDeC pre-seed grant is back as well, with the latest batch started since 15th Jan 2008. Each grant is also RM 150K capable.

So, many thing to explore before Chinese New Year 2008.

As for tips and best practices, pay attention to this article about 36 startup tips where it teaches about leveraging on free technologies and what you shouldn't think about cutting cost. There is no time to build from scratch!

Also, take a look at the perspective of venture capitalist with the most recent opinions.

The best part to me is that Paypal is available now for Malaysia (to cash-out money) as well as Google Maps (for Malaysia) are popping out.

These two will surely bring to life a more vibrant and colorful environment for those interested with web or Internet business. And even all by yourself ?

It is cool dude!

Choosing Technology:

Finally, I close by saying to choose wisely between using Microsoft technology and open source technology for your product development. Both would yield different benefits and challenges.

To simply put, if you want to develop a technology, then it has to be open source because you can't use Microsoft technology to develop technology, it will still be Microsoft technology. The most that you will get out of it is a great solution.

This is why Google don't use any of Microsoft's technologies.

Another reason is that if you have developed it using open source technology such as Java, Python and etc, chances of having your company acquired (except by Microsoft itself)would be higher.

Using Microsoft technology has the pros of faster development time, more technical supports and visions as well as more resources (HR) to leverage from.


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