Trouble getting An Ergonomic Mouse

My computer (laptop) mouse kicks the bucket every 3 months. The latest casualty was a Microsoft basic compag mouse which I bought from Computer War.

I been really having a hard time trying to get a cheap yet ergonomic mouse.

The best mouse that I have experienced with is the latest mouse from Dell. It is so cool, and it looks like a bat-mobile (batman) which is not for sale outside. I will try to get a picture later.

Dell Ergonomic Mouse 2008

The perks of it is that real ergonomic mouse don't come cheap yet. I managed to find a good ergonomic mouse from e-Mag (check out the picture below), however it doesn't support USB and the button is kind of rusty. But the shape is really good and it cost me only RM 16.

e-Mag Mouse

Some of the mouses are too small and it is not suitable for me because that would apply more strains to my finger, which is not encouraging. Check out the SwissTech mouse below (nice, catchy, fun and color) but a bit smaller for me.

Swiss Tech Mouse

And I am really having a tough time bumping into A4 Tech mouse ... it is still in production?

Anyway, after two days of shopping, I found that Microsoft is really taking over the business of computer mouse as if nobody matters anymore, except for Logitech. Check out a few years old Logitech mouse below, it is still in good shape and quality.

Check out all the wonderful mouses from Microsoft here.

And the ergonomic ones cost almost 60% more than the non-ergonomic ones. The cheapest mouse available from Microsoft is the basic Compaq optical mouse which is priced at around RM 49.90 by retailers.

And I am just not into small mouse like the one below ..

This tells us one thing; selling mouse is not profitable and might as well let Microsoft and Logitech rule the market. Anyway, finding a reasonable price (RM 20-30) ergonomic mouse is still scarce in Malaysia.


Unknown said…
I am right now in search of an ergonomic mouse as an addition to a new ergonomic chair I purchased for my home office. I surely did got useful information from this post.. great work..