Effects of Public Holidays on Blogs - 2008

The effects of Chinese New Year public holidays (2008) on IT-Sideways.

Traffic drops..

The highest peak is lower while lowest peak is greater.

But the good thing is Internet speed (Streamyx) goes up.. (Having download speed of > 1 Mbps is quite rare for a normal working day)

Thus, during Chinese New Year, it is a good time to download bit-torrent from the office.

More about Streamyx

More about Bit-Torrent


Cute Lemon said…
Normally my blog receive less visitor on public holiday. That is strange. I though holiday would have more people play net.

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Brandon Teoh said…
This proves that most Malaysian would surf net during non-holidays and ditch the Internet during holidays.

Perhaps also proving that Malaysian would surf net during office hours.
Anonymous said…
public holidays are the only time to relax and be with friends outside and not 'imprisoned' by the four walls (except 2 hours at the cinema). thats why.