Yahoo! Publisher Could Happen For Malaysia

Malaysian bloggers and other advertisement publishers will soon be able to benefit from Yahoo! Publisher's publishing opportunity, similar to Google Adsense.

This is good news for people who are blacklisted by Google due to illegal clicks, misunderstanding, sabotages and etc.

Currently, Yahoo!'s equivalent of Google Adsense only opens up opportunity to those with a valid US tax payer ID.

Unless you have solicited help from partners in US to have joint-ventures. You are not able to "really" get an account from Yahoo! Publisher, even with a fake tax ID and US address.

Good news is about to happen when Microsoft announced the bid to acquire Yahoo! for USD 44.6 billons, which Bloomberg dubbed as the biggest acquisition so far.

Personally, I have a mixed feeling about this due to the fact that the world would be less excited with lesser major players in the industry. And this would translate into lesser jobs and entrepreneur opportunities for people all around the world.

As a result of this, the world will get more and more stupid because there is no fun and equally unrewarding in venturing into high challenges ventures because you know that you just can't simply fight with multi-layered super duper heavy-weights like Microsoft, Google and as such.

In retrospect to this, I personally lauded the effort demonstrated by Malaysia's MDeC (Multi-Media Development Corporation) for its initiative in terms of creating a culture of ICT entrepreneurship as well as catering financial supports. Check out more about pre-seed fundings.

According to, Google owns over 58.4% of the U.S. market, Yahoo has 22.9% and Microsoft is only 9.8%. Well, it is not bad of a 22.9% for just a market of USA alone. Google is spanning all over the world.

And I like to guess that the deal will come through. Micrsoft-Yahoo for corporate profitability.

To keep up the spirit of entrepreneurship, go ahead to apply for MDeC pre-seed funds which currently opens from 15th Jan 2008 to 15th Feb 2008. Good Luck! And think Glocal.


Cute Lemon said…
Yeah Huh !!
Good news from you !!

I actually tried to apply before but rejected. That was two week ago.

But I see I still have hope lah.
Brandon Teoh said…
I applied long time ago.

But Yahoo publisher has got not much ads. Not like Adsense.