Anticipating WCIT 2008

More about WCIT 2008

As a normal person, what would world big events like WCIT (World Congress in IT) 2008 really do ?

  1. First of all, consider it grandeurness ... It is about the world of IT coming to Malaysia
  2. Second thing, the VIPs (speakers). Expecting to see Bill Gates, Google's founder, Steve Jobs, Larry Olison, Michael Dell ? Only Bill is coming via Hologram this time.
  3. Information. The talks and speeches that are going to be happening offer a lot of insights to ICT enterpreneurs and whoever that is in the industry..

      Some of the talks are marketing-driven, some are evangelising-oriented... but I do reckon that some are really useful for the industry.. These include:

      1. Day 1 - THE WIRELESS BROADBAND REVOLUTION –“The Promises of Service – Driven Technology Infrastructure” by Allied Digital Infonet Bhd Is wireless broadband the best way to go? Let’s explore what are the possibilities.
        This will give a lot of insights to those in the telcos.
      2. Day 1 - The Changing Dynamics of the Telecom Industry by Jari Tammisto, CEO, Mobile Monday
        This will also be useful for those in Telco industry
      3. Day 2 - Creativity Unlimited : The combination of human imagination and
        technology opens up limitless possibilities for creative works. Where are we and where are we heading?
        This will help us to jump straight into a big picture and then possibily predict the future.
      4. Day 2 - Emerging markets: Where are the next hotspots particularly for ICT? by Dr Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman, Templeton Asset Management
        This will be useful for all emerging enterpreneurs.
      5. How Climate Change will affect the IT industry worldwide by Dr Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman,Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change How can ICT be used to facilitate efforts to mitigate global warming and other issues related to climate change?
      6. Day 3 - Future of the Internet: What are the emerging technologies and
        trends that are expected to shape the Internet? Learn the views of technology and business leaders.
      7. Future of the Internet - What future does the Internet hold for national and economic development? Hear it from nations’ point-of-views.
      8. Day 3 - The WCIT2008 Great Debate : Take a couple of major issues faced by the ICT industry. Let’s hear ideas on how to overcome the issues.
        Let's find out what problems the big boys are facing..


Talks deemed marketing-oriented by me may be useful for others.

And therefore the WCIT 2008 is just a great opportunity for business.