The convenient of credit card, maximise it!

Just to share my experience on how I maximise my credit card and getting exceptional offers and discounts online.

Nowadays, credit card is my e-wallet, benefited from bringing less cash around, getting more rewards and rebates, automatic contest entry upon swiping, credit protector and many more.

I pay almost all my expenses by this plastic card, ranging from utilities such as water, electricity and maintenance, to hand phone, groceries and dining bills. Why? Because I no need bringing much cash and save on traveling cost and time. Instead, I have only go to the credit card issuer bank once a month, of course in full settlement!

Also many times I use it for online purchases of air tickets from Air Asia, books at Amazon, hotel booking and getting special promotional rate from retails around the world.

Malaysia Airlines has freshly launched its "Everyday Low Fares". What is the condition to get the offer? Online booking is the basis and can be done by credit card.

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We have to go online in order to get real cheap, great deals. Using credit card is safe nowadays due to enhanced technology for e-payment and/or e-transaction.

Advise is if you can't manage it properly e.g. spree spending, it definitely will put you in financial trouble because one will easily tempted by available credit to spend.

So start maximise the benefits of your credit card today!


You give a very good opportunity to the Credit Card holder that start maximize the benefits of your credit card today.
I think it is a very good idea to manage your Plastic cards.
Convenience is anything that is intended to save time, energy or frustration.