Define valuation level in SAP

In SAP, you need to choose either Plant Level or Company code level to valuate your material stocks. Once you've set, it is not possible to switch the valuation level from plant to company code or vice-versa unless data conversion (material master's accounting data) is carried out again.

We recommend to setting material valuation at Plant level because you can have separation set of account determination and stock type at each plant.
Also it is important that stocks must be valuated at Plant level, not Storage Location level.

To configure account determination, you can use the wizard from IMG "Material Management-Valuation and Account Assignment-Account Determination-Account Determination Wizard".

From this wizard, it will guide you with step-by-step instruction to setup which material type to valuate, assignment of COA, account postings, maintaining valuation classes, inventory accounts and debit/credit rule.


Brandon Teoh said…
Great Information for SAP enthusiasts
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Hi, im working on electricity company. Seems like you understand about SAP modul. Is there any SAP modul that could handle fuel management for power plant? thanks before

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