mTouche Takes Leaps with Satellite TV

Leading regional content provider launches MyTV Station in Thailand.

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Kuala Lumpur, 28 May 2008 - MESDAQ-listed mTouche Technology Berhad (‘mTouche’) continues to strengthen its position as one of the region’s leading content providers in launching MyTV Station (‘MyTV’) in Thailand, via its unit, Media Touch Co. Ltd. (‘Media Touch’).

MyTV is mTouche’s first Satellite TV Channel in the region, reaching out to approximately 30 million viewers across Thailand. MyTV is part of mTouche’s on-going strategy to broaden its revenue streams through content development and provisioning. mTouche is a leading player in the region’s mobile content space, with an established network across Asia as producer for TV programs for various TV stations across Malaysia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Eugene Goh, mTouche’s CEO says that satellite TV is picking up momentum in the regional broadcasting industry as a preferred content channel. “Satellite TV is becoming more popular with easy accessibility and better reception in the city as well as outside the city. There is much faster growth in the satellite TV business as compared to a few years back.”

“mTouche has had tremendous success producing TV programs for the Thai audience, and the launch of MyTV makes incredible sense for our business strategy. As we have established ourselves as a credible quality content provider in the region, starting our own TV station MyTV is a very natural progression” adds Goh.

“Like any other TV station, revenue is generated is mainly from commercial advertisements and co-production of TV content. We are confident that MyTV will do well, estimated to grow two-folds within the first two (2) years.”

Charndet Phrommanee, Managing Director of Media Touch Co., Ltd and MyTV, says “Viewers are very particular with what they want to see on tv, and we believe that consistently, quality TV content is crucial to gain viewer loyalty. We strive to produce quality TV programs that meet their expectations, in maintaining consistent standards as TV programs of free TV.”

Phrommanee also shared that easy accessibility is crucial, “Viewers need only to install one C-Band Satellite disc to receive several channels’ reception from ThaiCom5 satellites. Hence, any cable TV subscriber in rural provinces nationwide will be able to receive satellite tv without any extra charge.”

Cable TV Association of Thailand reported that there are approximately 5 million households subscribing to cable TV and satellite TV in Thailand, with more than 30 million viewers.

mTouche currently is also engaged in the design, development, marketing and sales of interactive television applications and formats to the regional TV broadcasters. The service with the biggest satellite broadcaster in Malaysia will be due in the course of 2008 and is aimed to generate revenue through interactive and advertising and will be launched in one of the top native language channels.

About mTouche Technology Berhad

mTouche Technology Berhad is a Telecom and Media player based in Asia with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, India and China. mTouche focus on the provision of mobile value-added services to more than 40 Mobile Network Operators reaching out to more than 800 million subscribers In addition, mTouche establish strong partnerships with leading Music labels, Movie Owners and engage in the production of cutting-edge Interactive Media TV formats.

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