PhotoSynth : Virtual Tourism

I got to know about PhotoSynth through TED.

And the PhotoSynth technology from Microsoft has really lived up to my prediction (not exclusive to me) that virtual tourism could really work.

In a paragraph, PhotoSynth is a technology which takes information (as pictures) from public domain and creates a 360 degrees view presentation for pictures belonging to the same domain (place).

The technology to figure out the semantics of related pictures is really fantastic.

And what it is lacking now is the input of other information into the system such as:
  1. Who had been to that place ?
  2. What they have talked about ?
  3. What have they done ?
  4. What had happened before and after that moment ?

If there is a way for people to contribute such information, the idea of real-time entertainment would be even more feasible.

And this also a pre-requisite for recreating-the-past.