QuickStart : Business Solution for Small Businesses

If you are ever a one-man-show business owner, freelancer and whatever..

If you are thinking of using Excel to save your day and something to that sort...

and even if you have a company which there is no accounts executive permanently come to office on a daily basis to work out the G/L.....

That is right, you don't need to work out your daily G/L if you don't need to see monthly profitability in terms of general ledger.

QuickStart by QuickZoft.com is just what you need.

A simple, Microsoft based solution which caters for the followings:
  1. Managing Your Sales Operation
    • Managing Customer Info.
    • Managing Sales Rep.
    • Issue Quotations
    • Issue Delivery Order
    • Issue Invoice
    • Issue Cash Sales
    • Issue Debit Note
    • Issue Credit Note
    • Issue Transfer Note
    • Issue Misc. Form
    • Issue Official Receipt
    • Sales Journal Entry
    • Sales Reports
    • History Reports
  2. Managing Your Stock Operations
    • Setting up Stock Category
    • Managing Stock Info.
    • Managing Received Stock
    • Managing Stock Received by Batch
    • Managing Stock Adjustment
    • Stock Reports
  3. Managing Purchases
    • Managing Supplier Info
    • Issue Purchase Order
    • Managing Purchases and Stock Received
    • Issue Payment Voucher
    • Purchases Report
    • History Reports
    • Transaction Analaysis
  4. Managing Bank Account
    • Hand Multiple Bank Account
    • Handle Multiple Cash Account
    • Track Deposit
    • Track Transfer
    • Bank Reconciliation Report
Contact AsoftTech Solutions (03-4291 4439) for more details, or visit quickzoft.com

Do not compare QuickStart to UBS accounting system or others. Solutions similar to QuickStart could be things like FileMaker.

The idea of QuickStart is that small enterprises don't really need an accounting system but a system to capture all the necessary business transaction, to be able to have proper reporting and to submit reports for accountants to deal with the accounts.

It is cost less than RM 1,000

System Requirements:

  • PC with Pentium 200 MHz or higher processor recommended
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher recommended
  • Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000,XP and Vista
  • At least 50MB hard-disk space
Special Features:
  • Allow double discount rate
  • Bill format can be set and modified via Microsoft Word or any word processor
  • Bill modifications can be enabled/disabled by password
  • Can keep track of other supplier's price
  • Customer aging can be listed by sales area
  • Keeping track of stock activity of serial-no
  • Mailing labels can be printed by sales area
  • Mailing labels can be printed by reminder date range
  • Managing stock items with serial-no.
  • Min. selling price can be protected via password authority
  • Right click mouse to check last selling price from billing entry screen
  • Sales collections report shows total outstanding amoutn by sales rep.
  • Stock item can show other assemble items
  • Stock pricing level can be set to customize pricing by customers
  • Stock pricing can be set up to six levels with alternate pricing levels
  • Stock can be set with tax rate such as 5% Govt. service tax or services industry
  • Event tracking to check customer's last job or mileage at service for automobile services company
Why Should You Buy ?
  • Auditing will be quicker and easier with transaction analysis
  • Available in Client Servicer Architecture
  • BarCode Ready and Compliant
  • Credit limits prompting improves collections
  • Fax directly from billing and preview mode
  • Monitor sales and collections with speed and accuracy monitor salesman performance and collections helps to meet sales target.
  • Monitor stock activities efficiently improves cash flow.
  • Monitor supplier's payment improves business relationship
  • Password authentication improves operations credibility
  • Quick and easy to use, thus improves productivity and efficiency
  • Listing of mailing labels via area code and /or reminder date
  • Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel format
  • Requires little book-keeping knowledge to setup and operate
  • Supports multiple Microsoft Windows' platforms
  • Support up to 9 departmental levels or password
  • Multi-lingual
  • Track multi-tasking ability allow multiple company to operate at any one time
  • User customizable forms layout
Cons ??

Don't expect to have heavy customization...

Surprisingly, there isn't any popular web based solution of similar capacity...