Server Downs Every 5 Minutes After Restarted

Have you ever been into the situation where your server, such as proxy server goes down after every 5 minutes every time restarted ?

Well, it could be 2 minutes or etc... but somehow, immediately after restarted, it could be ping, but not after certain durations.

There are many possibilities...
  • Network Down - Check the router and switches (This is unlikely if it happened suddenly)
  • Wrong TCP/IP Settings (This is also unlikely if it happened suddenly)
  • Viruses and Trojans (This is very likely if it happened suddenly)
What happened is that after 2 to 5 minutes, some malwares (trojans) infected in the server will be booted up and it will disconnect the server from the network.

To solve this problem, do not hesitate to think twice, start scanning your server for malwares first before resorting to other possibilities.

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The fastest way to perhaps get a good anti-malwares.