WCIT 2008: Basis Bay Widens Reach To Indonesia And Vietnam

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Kuala Lumpur, 20th May 2008 – Basis Bay is in partnership with overseas partners for IT Outsourcing business worth more than US30 million. With its tagline “Reengineering IT”, the company is poised to take on opportunities in the areas of Infrastructure, Services, Monitoring, Content Application and Management.

Chief Executive Officer of Basis Bay, Dato’ Praba Thiagarajah, said that these Basis Bay partnerships are timely hence we are now in the position to offer a comprehensive IT Outsourcing model, not only in the region but to the World. With our internal capabilities, such as the acquisition of pre-owned enterprise hardware, engineering services, coupled with our Data Centre capabilities, Basis Bay is now able to partner with reliable international IT companies to offer comprehensive value effective solutions to its customer.

Basis Bay has commenced a working relationship with PT iKonsultan Inovatama, an Indonesian IT and business consultancy firm. The partnership allows Basis Bay to provide skilled resources and technological expertise and PT iKonsultan Inovatama will identify the business opportunities in Indonesia through marketing efforts in the financial services industry.

“iKon management found Basis Bay as the excellent partner to position both organisations strategically in the upcoming wave to the IT industry. With more than 15 years experience in providing shared services and IT outsourcing services in more than 5 countries, Basis Bay brings in a complete solution offerings in infrastructure (hardware, contact centre, data centre), skilled resources (engineering services, enterprise system support), and proven framework (business continuity management, data centre operation management and IT Outsourcing capabilities), which perfectly complements iKon’s strengths in business processes in the financial services industry.

At the moment, Basis Bay and iKon are already working on closing several opportunities in Indonesia, including enterprise system support, business continuity management, and data centre outsourcing.

In addition, Basis Bay also continued its partnership with Cyberworld Co. Ltd from Vietnam to offer expertise in the areas of Data Centre such as building, designing and construction as well as services i.e. co-location, hosting, services operation centre (SOC), Network Operation Centre (NOC) and disaster recovery.

“Basis Bay’s has taken the “Green” approach in the construction and operation of our Data Centre. The greening of a Data Centre means that the mechanical, electrical and computer systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency with minimum environmental impact. With this in mind, Basis Bay has taken a step forward to ensure all product and services we offer are in line with our tagline “Reengineering IT for a Greener World.”, said Dato’ Praba.

About Basis Bay

Basis Bay Group has a diversified interest and provides Outsourcing expertise in Information Technology (IT) with the primary intention of providing quality, value effective and state-of-the-art solutions that is vendor independent.
Established is 1996, the group is ISO 9001 certified and have been awarded the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status for its effort in providing the best-of-breed and financial viable IT and business solutions.

Basis Bay’s IT Outsourcing advantage includes, Infrastructure (Acquisition of Enterprise Hardware, Data Centre, Contact Centre, Off-site Media Storage), Services (Engineering Services), Monitoring (Service Operation Centre & Network Operation Centre), Applications (Customised Application Development, Dedicated Application Support) and Management (Business Continuity Management, Project Management, Quality Assurance & Standards, Vendor Management & SLA Management).

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