World is in HUNGER, do your part! But HOW?

Every day, more than 850 million of people around the world go hungry. Worsen by current food crisis due to skyrocketing fuel prices, labour cost, fertiliser cost, rising prices on other staple food, reduction in rice production due to climate change and etc.

Hunger will become more hungry and without food security, it will deepen poverty and causing public unrest and political instability.

Credit must be given to UN World Food Program and this website so called "Free Rice" or "" in their effort on helping millions to overcome hungry every day.

Free Rice website offers you a game that "make you smarter, improve your speaking, writing, thinking and etc" and while you get it right, they'll donate 20 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program to help end hunger.

You could check it out at "" for more information and how to play.

I am sure that every one would like to help but donating our "real" cent could be difficult among some of us. Hence, why not we do it at Free Rice?

As a global citizen, we should offer our little help where millions are in desperate situation every day. "Evolution in IT has helped in more simplier way", web-based technology.