Adobe Acrobat 9 Malaysia Launching

Three products was launched on 4th June 2008:
  1. Adobe Acrobat 9.
  2. Public Beta of
  3. Adobe Creative Suite 3.3.
Acrobat 9 comes in three versions:
  1. Standard
  2. Pro
  3. Pro Extended
New Features:
  • PDF Portfolio - A feature where you can create rich PDFs (with real-time video). Your PDF files now can come to life.
  • Extended Data Collection feature and integration with (hosted services)
  • Adobe Presenter Plugin for MS Powerpoint. - Use the plugin to record audio and then publish Powerpoint files into rich PDF files (PDF Portfolio).
  • Capture web pages and convert into PDF documents for offline browsing.
  • PDF document comparison (for both text and images)
  1. File Compression - No new breakthrough.
  2. Mobile Platform ? - Not yet.
  3. Issues with Anti-malwares software ? - Just like scanning normal PDF files
What I Think Is Most Important Are ...

So basically, Acrobat 9 enhances communication capability. Instead of sending 10 different files over the email to the recipient and hope that he or she can figure out how are those files related to each other, now you can send one file (PDF portfolio) which consists of all the 10 files. And as soon as the recipient open the file, he or she will be enchanted with a presentation. So this is the most important idea. The presentation...

Then it is about consolidation of technologies... not only Acrobat 9 consolidates the technology between Adobe and Macromedia, it also consolidates technologies for others such as Microsoft, open standards (file formats, video formats) that are relevant to presentation and visualizing.

This could affect a few things...
  1. Amateur presentation will be richer, more concentrated and fun.
  2. Web sites may become less significant for very small companies because you can actually put interesting presentation into a file.
  3. Bloggers may benefit from PDF porfolio where they can easily embed picture slide show into a file. This will be a hit for those who host on public domain.
  4. Acrobat 9 can be considered as a marketing software instead of document. One can actually build a CRM system on top of Acrobat 9 now. Check out the SDK.
So, if you have just started a company, you need to buy Acrobat 9 because it helps with the following:
  • Marketing
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management
In short, Acrobat 9 brings life to your documents.

The next big event would be opened to public on 23 July 2008. Please visit this site for more information.

Check out the full listing of features.