Hardware Failure Halted KLSE for One Day

According to Screenshots..

The KLSE was officially halted for 1 full trading day on 3rd July 2008.

Other similar cases:
  1. London Stock Exchange - 8th November 2007 - 40 minutes

IBM Business Continuity and Resilency...

Maintain business operations under virtually any condition, comply with industry and government regulations and gain the ability to recover from disasters.

According to Wikipedia, the following are major threats to business continuity.

  1. Disease - CIO fell ill
  2. Earthquake - Not happening in Malaysia yet
  3. Fire - Possible in Malaysia
  4. Flood - Possible in Malaysia
  5. Cyber attack - Possible in Malaysia
  6. Bribery - Possible in Malaysia
  7. Hurricane - Not happening in Malaysia yet
  8. Utility outage - Possible in Malaysia
  9. Terrorism - Possible in Malaysia

Looks like it will take some efforts to narrow down the possibilities. We need experts here.

Typical Scenario:

But I do have a scenario to enlighten you with some more practical examples, something that doesn't involve nationwide and cross-section effects.

There was a case where a company uses InternetNow proxy server to connect LAN to Internet. Out of a million years, the proxy server went down, but not exactly down. The symptom was "server goes down 5 minutes after restarted each time".This is rather naughty... it could be due to many reasons.. But the best reason is always the most obvious reason, try not to focus on too much technicality such as router links down.

It was actually due to malware infections caused by illegal surfing from the internal usage. The solution is not to reconfigure the router or proxy server, but to obtain a good anti-malwares software and remove the malwares. Try not to reformat the PC, if you do, you will need BCP (Business Continuity Planning) expertise.

Check out more about business continuity.

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