Indexable Flash

The mighty flash.

It is now compatible with Google. Check out here and here and here.

Check out the full press release here for Malaysia.

With all the happenings from Adobe lately, this is worth a mention.

And my anticipation ?

People will adopt more flash technology to get 'smooth like beer' effects for web presentation. Buzzword is going to pick up.

Demand for Flash template(web site) will improve against the demand for web 2.0 template.

This is also a smart move for Google to take charge of the initiative to spider binary files and define semantics out of it.

Flash will then become the de facto standard for multimedia (video and audio). This may bring cost saving to certain entertainment sectors.

Demand for Flash learning will increase. We may anticipate BSc(Hons) in Computing (Majoring in Adobe Flash) or BA (Hons) in Flash Technology (Minor in Arts). Check out the certification programs.

And more.