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BugzillaImage via WikipediaIf you are trying to install bugzilla for issues management of your projects.

And if you are following the installation instructions for Windows platform.

And if you encountered the problem with installing the Email-Send module as recommended by 'checksetup.pl', this is for you.

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If you keep getting 'no missing packages to install' while running 'perl checksetup.pl' keep showing that 'Email-Send' is not found, then it means that previous versions of 'Email-Send' is already installed.

The problem is actually with the 'checksetup.pl' where ....

if there are multiple version of Email-Send modules are found in your system, it will feedback 'no found'.
if there is an older version of Email-Send module found in your system, it will feedback 'found' but not-ok.

To double confirm this, make use of the PPM GUI by running 'ppm' from the command prompt, a pop-up windon 'Perl Package Manager' would be launched. Look out for all Email-Send modules installed.

The solution is to uninstall all previously installed modules. You can do this from the GUI 'Perl Package Manager' or just run 'ppm remove Email-Send'. This will get rid of all Email-Send modules in your system.

Then the next thing to do this to add the proper repository.

You see, all these mess is actually due to the problem with the default repository of ActiveState Perl which is 'http://ppm4.activestate.com/MSWin32-x86/5.8/820/package.xml', and this repository brings with it the Email-Send version 2.05. Thus, since Bugzilla recommended the usage of ActiveState Perl, whenever one install ActiveState Perl, Email-Send version 2.05 will have already been installed by default.

The irony is Bugzilla requested to have Email-Send version 2.16 (or higher). And Email-Send version 2.16 or higher can be found at the repository recommended by the script 'Checksetup.pl', which is ' http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms/package.xml' better known as the alias 'theory58S'.

So, after you have get rid of all 'Email-Send' modules.

You must also get rid of all other repository by doing 'ppm repo delete '

Then run 'ppm repo list' to make sure that there is not existing repository installed.

Then add repository 'theory58S' by doing 'ppm repo add theory58S http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms/package.xml' as suggested by 'checksetup.pl'

The idea is to make sure that 'theory58S' is the choice of repository for obtaining 'Email-Send'.

Then run 'ppm install Email-Send'.

I guarantee that it will sure work. As at 30th July 2008, it will install Email-Send version 2.185.

Run 'checksetup.pl' again and you will see 'Checking for Email-Send (v2.16) ok: found v2.185'

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Fyi ....

Try to guess how long I detoured to do other things before solving this problem ???

1 year... (yup, it is that long .... I first encountered this problem on 16th July 2007, that is why I created a blog entry for this).

This is the problem with open source; documentation sucks and it takes more time to get things done per se.

More about open source.

This also congratulates the importance of blogs, forums and etc; to share knowledge and so that other people can live more efficiently and to fuel the Internet.

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