- Personal Finance Software and Forum is a personal finance website to provide a web-based community platform for individual to help each other to improve their personal finance management skill. believe that personal finance management will be best mastered through community sharing and learning in terms of knowledge, skills, information and experiences.

Currently there are 3 services provided by,
  1. Personal Finance Assistant (PFA) Software
  2. Forum
  3. Information Board PFA is a free-to-use personal finance software that help individuals to keep track of their personal finance such as Asset, Liability, Income and Expenses. It is written in Java, deploying using Java Web Start (JWS) and use many of open source libraries to ensure ease of installation, robustness, efficiency and cross platform. It uses Accounting double entry bookkeeping, which will help individual to keep track their accounts more accurate. Further, the data entry has been simplified, so that individual without/with less Accounting background still able to use the software. Forum is a public forum, using phpBB, that allow individual to share their information, knowledge and experiences related to personal finance. It is a place for visitors to ask, to share, to discuss, and to promote (products). Information Board is where many personal finance related posts/news from other websites/blogs are pull in and pool together in reverse chronological order. Visitors can have a one stop view of all recent news/posts from various famous websites.

Running on sponsorship basis, is a project from GQR Solutions (, a Malaysia-based company that provides professional business software solutions. (Basically, business software using same technology as PFA.)



Mt. said…
Thanks to your post that I found this tool, after testing it I have feedback them in my blog too