Beijing 2008 Web Experience- Recording Live Results

Official logo of the 2008 Summer Olympic GamesImage via WikipediMany people thinks that the Beijing 2008 opening ceremony was phenomenal. Indeed, the Chinese culture is even more astonishing.

Starting today, we will be doing posts about how the official web site get things together to achieve desired features; the best practices of worldwide event publishing in the web.

For this post, we will look into how the web site publish live result?

It is using refreshing methods.

And it uses live journaling.

In my opinion, live journaling is a good way to document delicate-detailed information for later use. I am just wondering if they are using image processing for that ? Ha! that is probably a wild guess.

There are probably three journalists doing three different languages (English, Mandarin, Francais) live on site.

Wondering if the web site deployed language synthesis technology ? :P

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