Malaysia ICT Budget 2007

Check out the Budget 2009 highlights.

Lazy to read ? Here are the summaries for what is good for the ICT industry in Malaysia.

According to Cisco Malaysia, MSC Malaysia, Intel Malaysia, Symantec Corp, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM Malaysia and Micrsoft Malaysia...

All speak the same wavelength that the announced budget is good for:
  • Tax relief: Accelerated Capital Allowance on expenses incurred on ICT equipment
  • Incentives for SME through Bank Negara
  • Manpower Development
All agreed synonymously that ICT is a key factor to accelerate Malaysia’s competitive edge in the global economy and to spur the growth of knowledge-based economy.

Comparison to previous budget (2006), this one is rather low-profile, low-risk and conservative. There is no excitement for R & D and growth simulation. It is more about cushioning.