ppm install failed: Can't find any package that

BugzillaImage via WikipediaAssuming that you are installing Bugzilla onto windows platform and is following the guide here.

Where the following error is encountered.

ppm install failed: Can't find any package that provide Email-MIME-ContentType for Email-MIME-Modifier

This could be due to either one of the following two problems or both.
  1. Internet connectivity (as suggested here)
  2. Dependency issues.
'Email-MIME-Modifier' depends on 'Email-MIME-ContentType'; you go to install the latter first before you can proceed to install the former.

The following picture compares Email-MIME-Modifier.ppd file with another ppd file (AI-Proplog.ppd). A ppd file is actually a XML file. Notice that Email-MIME-Modifier comes with dependencies.

So, proceed to install 'Email-MIME-ContentType' using the usual method. 'ppm install Email-MIME-ContentType'.

If it failed. It could be due to Internet connectivity problem.

The alternative is to download the PROPER package and install it from local location.

Proceed to download the package from this url as suggested by this forum.

Be cautious that it may take a while for the url to be fully loaded.

Do not download the package from cpan.uwinnipeg.ca where there is no proper ppd file and also the file is not built for Windows platform.

so extract the zip file into a temp folder (i.e c:\temp) and install Email-MIME-ContentType using

ppm install c:\temp\Email-MIME.ContentType.ppd

Once Email-MIME-ContentType.ppd is successfully installed, proceed to install Email-MIME-Modifier.

Repeat the same routine if you can't install Email-MIME-Modifier from the Internet. (Download, unzip and install from local drive).

This will work for sure.

Check out other problem 'ppm install Email-Send'

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