Shop Lot For Rental At MONSUN

SHOP LOT FOR RENTAL AT MONSUN ONLY MYR 50.00 a month. For every one who are interested in doing virtual business. What you can do is to advertise or sell your products in this website as many times as you like but in the limited period of the monthly rental (a month) & yet will renew every month... You can download & create maximum 10 pictures not more 1mb for your marketing purpose.... Sell your products at Monsun-Biz with cheapest rental with big income will come in…..

For your information there is no hidden charge at all.


Rental Charges:
  • ebay - USD 1-USD 50/10 days (not included other services charges)
  • lelong - RM 168/year (not included other services charges)
  • MONSUN - RM 50.00/ 15USD per month, no HIDDEN charges.
  • ebay - 1-6 pcs = USD 0.75, 7-12 pcs = USD 4.00 (there is extra charges if you want to change pictures)
  • lelong – free but limited pictures (for only 1-2 pcs)
  • MONSUN – free pictures up to 10pcs (1 megabyte)
Payment Terms:
  • ebay – U must have a credit card/paypal system
  • lelong – U must have an i-account and need to top-up earlier using credit card or online banking
  • MONSUN – By using our own Gateway System payment by credit card and online banking.
  • ebay – Up to 8% and aboves
  • lelong – not accurate depending on the amount
  • MONSUN - 4% + RM 0.50 only (if you are using Payment Geteway only)
  • ebay – no promotion for customers besides the website.
  • lelong - no promotion for customers besides the website.
  • MONSUN – promotion for customers using Bossmailer & SMS broadcaster