VigSys VM10 - USB Data Gateway

VigSys VM10 – USB Data Gateway (99mm x 18mm x 48mm) was launched at Mar 2008, at the CeBIT Exhibition in Germany. The retail price is RM699.00

  • Wide total surfaces of the modem have been designed with purpose to avoid
    unit overheating which other slim USB modem may be experiencing.
  • Designed with super capacitor to load average the power
    required for the modem. This removes the requirement of additional USB port to
    supply additional power for the modem. Protecting host (USB ports on
    laptop/computer) from power peaks. This ensures maximum connectivity and longer
    run times to meet the requirements for true mobility.
  • VigSys VM10 USB modem provides only a small USB cable for direct connection,
    no more lengthy wire tangling around your notebook
Key Advantages:
  • Can used to back up fixed line Internet services where there are risks of power
    failure or line instability.
  • Tested to work with Skype & other softphone-ware
  • Can be used in place of fixed line internet access due to comparable broadband
    subscription prices with the advantage of mobility.
  • Not subject to potential lightning problems compared to fixed line broadband.
  • Capable to support data speed up to 7.2Mbps using HSDPA and upload speed of
    up to 384Kbps.
  • Supports Triband (850/1900/2100MHz) HSDPA/UMTS and
    Quadband(850/900/1800/1900MHz) for EDGE/GPRS. A truly global unit.
  • Auto detects APN, user id and password makes it convenient for mobile users
    especially for worldwide travelers. User can get connected without much
    configurations required
  • Auto switch to lower speed connection when higher speed connection is not
    available and vice versa.
  • VigSys VM10 USB modem is plug and play, which means you just plug them into
    USB port, wait a while then you are ready to go.
  • Specially designed built-in antenna has been optimized for UMTS/HSDPA
    connections and works well at fringe coverage area. (Check out VigSys Website for
    Benchmark report)
  • It has been tested in truly mobile situation and works at up to 130KM/h making it
    suitable for highway driving and commuting to work, on the train or bus.
  • Tested to run on long hours without degrade of performance. No device overheating
  • Tested to work with all 4 mobile broadband providers in Malaysia (Celcom, Digi,
    Maxis, Umobile)
    VM10 Review Sheet v1.0 /200805 Page 2 of 2
Target Markets:
  • For SOHO or professionals who travel around and require onsite ‘hotspot’
  • For businesses to back up fixed line Internet services where there are risks of power
    failure or line instability in more mission critical applications
  • For businesses with short term rentals and/or requiring instant Internet Access in the
    office, and cant wait for fixed line Internet Access to be set up
  • For tenants renting houses, apartments and even rooms with short term rental
    leases or without Internet Access provided by landlords
  • To replace ADSL or Cable broadband at home at similar or less costs with added mobility advantages. See comparison table below:
TM StreamyxCombo 4RM 1402.0 Mbps384 KpbsADSLFixed
CELCOMBroadband AdvanceRM 983.6 Mbps384 KpbsHSDPAMobile
DiGiDiGi HighSpeed Mobile AccessRM 66384 Kbps224 KbpsEDGEMobile
MaxisMaxis 3GRM 993.6 Mbps384 KbpsHSDPAMobile
UmobileSurf with URM 783.6 Mbps384 KbpsHSDPAMobile

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