What is Adobe Presenter ?

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It is a plugin for MS PowerPoint software that allows one to quickly create Flash-based presentation using MS PowerPoint as the content editor.

It caters for the following functions on top of MS Powerpoint software.
  • Set Preferences
  • Add or Edit Audio
  • Add multimedia
  • Capture video
  • Create quizzes and surveys
  • Customize presentations
  • Publish to Flash or PDF or Connect Server

This simple. It is cool, it offers features in which default MS PowerPoint software does not cater.

Basically, after you are done editing the content (using MS PowerPoint), you can publish it to Flash into local drives or online-locations (Adobe Connect Pro). But before you do that, use the 'presentation settings' function to edit the attributes of your Flash presentation which include appearance, playback, quality and attachment.

Check out the PDF version of the full tutorial (slides) provided by Adobe. Or the Flash presentation (for this tutorial).

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