Google's Thoughts on the Future of A.I

A.I (Artificial Intelligent) has always been around, but ever since the emergence of search engines, its importance become toned-down. But it is always important.

Long time ago, we did explore the issues of A.I research, check out here. The conclusion then was the study of A.I is too broad for a subject and no one knows the exact boundary, rendering research seems forever.

Google recently published their own version of the boundary in the blog; The Intelligent Cloud.

In a way, I must say that the evolution of computer science is to make human obsolete that its ultimate aim is to program a human brain, we are still far far away.

Google's approach will be focused on searching intelligence couples with cloud computing. Pretty much a lot of semantic web. Check out the blog entry. It is always interesting to know what industrial leaders are thinking ahead, this is why we must read blogs.

Finally, I just want to conclude is that when the world has descended into the reality as depicted by the movie The Matrix, our foresight may be flawed; human may be the one who wanted to kill the 'live' machine and not otherwise based on one simple premise; life is at stake.

However, according to Google, we are still far far away.

Why must machine be the bad guy ?