How to fill up PDF Files ?

Refinancing is the norm these days.

Go-Green is also something which we cannot avoid missing these days.

If you received an application form (in PDF format) from any sources and it would be rather silly for you to print it out, use your pen to fill up the details and scan it back to electronic format and then email it back. This is way too redundant and not environmental friendly.

Check out one sample here.

Of course, this is the primitive and it cannot fail, who doesn't have a pen, email or fax machine ?

The better way, if we are talking achieving the MSC vision, is to make use of Adobe Acrobat 9.0

1. To mark a check-box.

Make use of 'Tools/Comment & Markup/Rectangular Tools'

2. To Fill-Up Text

Make use of 'Tools/Typewrite'

3. To make a signature.

Make use of 'Tools/ Comment & Markup/Stamps'.

You can scan in your own signature and create a 'custom stamp' for it.

This is all that you need.

More about Acrobat.


Maria Yudina said…
How is it different from old good
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