How to keep files confidential ?

If you want to keep a highly confidential file, keep it as hard copy in the safe.

if you want to keep a moderately confidential file, this is what I recommend.

Convert file into PDF format and protect it with encryption. Acrobat 9 now supports 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) as approved by the U.S. government.

Then keep it in a folder by applying strict Windows security (assuming you are using Windows Vista).

First of all, make sure you have a login to Windows.

Assign the login with full control.

Delete other users from being able to access the folder (including administrator and system)

So now you have a folder where only your login can be able to access, modify and delete it.

This will help to prevent the following threats.
  • Other registered windows users - Will not be able to gain access to the folder.
  • Malwares (while you logon as yourself) - By turning off access to administrator, system and other users. (Malwares would usually try to gain access to the folder using system or administrator rights)
  • While the laptop or hard disk is stolen - all folders can be opened now. The only protection is the security for PDF file.
  • When selling your laptop - make sure you fully clean up the hard disk or replace it with a new hard disk. Still the PDF file is protected by password.
Also, if the file is big, span it into multiple files and each with different passwords. Keep your password in a public email such as Google, Yahoo and Hotmail. I recommend hotmail because it is https.

Anything that is electronic is not 100% secured.

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