When Vista Reaches 80% of Memory Utilization

When Windows Vista reaches 80% of memory utilization ...

It is time to restart.

My Thinkpad R60 is equipped with 2GB RAM, on average the memory utilization is 50%. It is rare to reach 80% and when it does, it is time to restart because things will start to behave in a funny manner. X-Files (You can't prove it but it happened).

One of the funny moments I had was the scroll bars started to misbehave such as the vertical bar tends to move down and stay at the bottom. The horizontal bar tends to move right and stay at the right wide.

I attribute this over memory utilization to overusing Firefox browser, such as playing games on Facebook. Firefox for one reason, seems to consume a lot of memory but very little CPU resources. This means that the program uses a lot of objects but with very efficient algorithms which can process tasks with the shortest time possible.

So, is this the best practice for software engineering ? Firefox is one of the most downloaded software application.