Adobe Creative Suite 4 KL Launch- The Technology (Web)

Adobe Creative Suite 4 had a launching event yesterday (11th Nov 2008) at Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Check out the details of what's new in the products for web.

The session was conducted by Mr. Paul Burnett, Senior Worldwide Evangelist, Creative Solutions Adobe Systems Inc.

Paul started by evangelizing Adobe's Fireworks which he said is important for two things:
  1. Creating designs for the screen (web). Try not to use Photoshop which later you have to optimize for the web again. You can use Fireworks for slicing as well.
  2. Rapid prototyping of web projects.

Slicing with Fireworks

The cool new stuff in Firework CS4 is that you can now do the following two things:
  1. Export web projects prototypes into interactive PDF, send the PDF file to customers for reviewing.
  2. Export prototypes into CSS/Javascripts (xHTML) files (after slicing) and into Dreamweaver for further development (incorporating scripts). In CS3, you can do the same except that there will be no CSS exported, for CS4 the CSS exported is clean-cut, crisp and most important of all, it is based on web standard compliance. So, if you are still trying to create CSS for your web templates, you are wasting time starting from yesterday (in Malaysia)

Export xHTML from Fireworks for Dreamweaver editing

Thus, as a web designers, you should be using Fireworks for designing and prototyping. Dreamweaver is meant for programmers where you can do the following things in CS4.
  • Search for CSS of a particular element.
  • Live-code viewing - where you can see on real-time the generation of dynamic HTML codes out of the CSS/Javascripts combination of your project files.
  • You can also now export end products (web projects) not just in binary format (swf) but in XPL (XML for Flash) format so that you can open the same project files in other CS4 softwares such as InDesign, Photoshop and etc as a project files (objects are objects, texts are texts, images are images) and performing editing from thereon

Fast search CSS for editing

Live-code Reviewing

Check out some videos of the new features demonstrated.


Object-Based Motion Tween:

Bone Tools:

Decor Tools

Check out the overview and the people of the event.

More about Paul Burnett:

Paul is responsible for promoting the use of Adobe products, talking with customers, giving product demonstrations at trade shows and seminars, speaking at industry conferences, and leading specialized, advanced training sessions featuring Adobe's Creative Suite product line.

Before joining Adobe, Burnett worked in the web, multimedia and video industries for more than 18 years running his own company, MAD (Multimedia, Art Design), and wining many awards including five Macromedia/Adobe Site of the Day awards.

Burnett also worked for several years at Macromedia as Senior Evangelist for Asia Pacific, presenting new products, seminars and master classes throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Trained in analogue video and audio production, Burnett initially used and taught Adobe Premiere Pro soon after its release in the early '90s and started using Adobe After Effects when it was first released, to creat both standaline video productions as well as incorporating video into multimedia and the web.

Burnett holds a degree in Education from University of canberra.