Publish PowerPoint Presentations To the Web

Want to publish your MS Powerpoint presentation over the web so that you can share with more people rather than bombing email boxes with huge file ?

Here is what I do..

Of course, you can always upload to free site like rapidshare.

But if you want things to be more organized, rapidshare is not something to go for, since you can't create profile in rapidshare.

A better option would be Google's Docs.

Theoretically, you should be able to upload the whole powerpoint file to it and Google will help you to convert automatically and even better, you can actually make use of the web editor. However, Google Docs only accept up to 10 MB of powerpoint file for upload, more than that, you have to manually edit it online.

So, this may not be ideal if you are going to rush off schedules. A better way would be using Adobe Presenter and publish the powerpoint file into PDF format.

The good thing is that the published PDF file is not just a document, it is a flash presentation enclosed inside a single PDF file (which makes it easy for you to upload). The best thing is that the published powerpoint file will be compressed and is possible of up to 20%.

After that, upload your file to, a free site for sharing PDF files and other forms of collaborations. The speed of accessing and uploading PDF file is dependent on your Internet speed. And of course, it will only accept PDF file. Check out more for It is still in Beta.

Adobe Presenter is shipped alongside Adobe Acrobat 9.