Three Malaysians complete global open source projects in Google Summer of Code 2008

Three bright and talented Malaysian university students wrote thousands of lines of code to augment existing open source projects during their term break through the Google Summer of Code™ program, whose goal is to increase the world's supply of open source software while providing young computer programmers with inspiring, meaningful summer jobs.

Over the last three months Raj Kissu Rajendran (21), Phua Khai Fong (24) and Devtar Singh (22), learned, experimented and collaborated with mentors from open source organizations worldwide through Google Summer of Code 2008, which matches university students with an interest in open source programming with international open source organizations.

They were the only Malaysians among over 900 students globally who successfully completed their projects.

Raj Kissu Rajendran, a student of Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT), wrote code to implement BLOBStreaming in phpMyAdmin to allow for easier management of media streaming over the Internet. He was mentored by Marc Delisle of MySQL.

Phua Khai Fong, a graduate of Multimedia University (MMU) wrote code for The Squeak Project to enable 'freeCAD' (a basic 3D CAD with Motion Simulation) to function in a virtual world environment called Croquet. freeCAD/Croquet can be used as a powerful education tool that helps improve the way people teach and learn using 3D graphics. He is currently working and partnering with his mentor on open source projects such as KMZ Importer for Cobalt.

Devtar Singh, also a graduate of MMU, constructed the Umit Bluetooth Scanner to aid users in accurately tracking Bluetooth-enabled devices. He is also working on a version that will soon be integrated into the Umit Network Scanning Suite. Adriano Monteiro Marques of Umit mentored Devtar throughout the program.

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