What is New in Adobe's Creative Suite 4 Design (Print) Premium ?

Adobe CS4 Design (Print) Premium was soft launched on 24 Sept 2008, shipped on Oct 15 and today is the big launching.

Snake peak into new features of CS4 design(print) premium.

FeaturesSoftware Description
Cross Media WorkflowCreative SuiteStreamlined workflow that lets us reuse and repurpose assets for print, motion graphics, interactive projects, or video
Object-based animationCS4 FlashEntire animations can be moved to new locations in a single step, and adjusting object location, rotation, and scale is as simple as grab-move-release
New 3D painting and compositingPhotoshop CS43D made easy!
New Image-editing ToolsPhotoshop CS4Convert 2D images to common 3D shapes such as cubes, cylinders, or spheres and can paint directly on 3D models
Access to Online ServicesWork and collaborate online.
Adobe KulerShare color harmonies
Adobe Bridge HomeA customizable resource for tips, tutorials, news and inspirational content
Adobe Device Central CS4Enables users to easily test mobile content designed

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