Computer Games, Software, Best Practices and Marketing

The box art of StarCraft.Image via WikipediaI do play some computer games and would like to play more. I am currently playing Ceasar III, Starcraft, F-16 Allied Forces and etc.

Playing computer games can make you become smarter in a gig way, it is good for computer programmers. It is just like going to gym where it provides the following benefits:
  • Forces one to take pressure (yes, playing game can be pressuring if you keep losing).
  • Trains one to be more patience.
  • Trains one to think about strategies and solutions to problems on the spot.
  • Trains one to not to give up until you find a solution (this has more to do with spiritual side of it).
  • Helps computer programmers to stay at the computer; to eat and sleep computer.
  • Trains one to stay focus.
  • Trains one to be innovative (in certain ways).
  • Trains one to think about best practices.
  • Get to become an expert in many things if you play many different games (it is good way to acquire knowledge).
In many ways, it is helpful more me because I enjoy think-out the logic behind the games which is what made up of the games and essentially, the core logic is what going to help you to win the game; enlightenment. For reasons that every game has limitations and it is by understanding such boundaries that one can conquer the game.

Check out here too and here where games can help the fight of survival.

I don't regard myself as a great gamer, but I do like to share out my experiences. Check out some of the strategies I have recorded here.

As what mentioned earlier, computer software is about best practices. And best practices not only help to make the product better, it is also helpful to allow the innovator to take a technical lead in the industry as well as gives edge for more marketing. One very typical example of this is Apply computer. Check out this video of new ways to make laptop. Fyi, Apple will take off respective videos after certain period of time (this is another strategy to wade off competition).

And wait a minute, about marketing, I have discovered that one good way to promote games is to put up a lot of screenshots. Check out these screenshots from Starcraft II, it is simply amazing, I just wouldn't mind getting one piece just for the sake of good graphics.

Check out the following list of games which I would like to play and what compelled me to desire it?


What Interest Me ?

Trism (iPhone)

Because the creator made a lot of money by doing part time

Rock Band

Because the creators made a lot of money


Because it is considered the best invention of 2008 and it is featured in TED and everybody is like playing it

The conclusion of good marketing for computer games:
  1. Good graphics
  2. Everybody is playing it
  3. Makes a lot of money


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