Internet Sucks Big Time Lately

The feeling is like traffic crawl... traffic jam.

Internet connection in Malaysia sucks big time lately. I am using TM's Streamyx and I have tried from Maxis 3G.. all the same.

via InternetFrog..

Where we pay for Broadband tapi dapat Dial-Up speed. This is double jeopardy because in Dial-Up, you only pay what you used but in Broadband, you pay even though you don't use it. And this is not just one particular day or week or month that compelled me into this bitching spree, Malaysians have been so forgiving for half a century!

InternetFrog thinks that I am connecting via a dial-up and gives me 85% for quality of service. This is insult to don't-know-who ?

I can secretly tell you that I only managed to witness speed of > 1Mbps for less than 10 counts in a year!

I just tak faham despite having petroleum, we can't do better than Singapore, Korea and etc.

Backbone not big enough ? Or just talk only, no action and wasted marketing funds. Big corporates in Malaysia like to waste marketing funds and delivered nothing.

Maybe it is still cheaper to do marketing, get the sales than investing on the technology.

Perhaps the answer is infrastructure and politics. Check out Qucomhaps for some reference.

So, nobody wants to end up like Atlas One and we haven't heard politicians politicizing for faster broadband to the whole nations. Oh ya, the Penang government is doing that which means that it is about money. The corporate won't invest and government is equally reluctant. It is nobody's business. The corporate won't do it because we are not technology exporters, we only buy and implement and sell for RM 88 per month. No big picture benefits.

Another way to support this corporate-do-not-forsee-future can be leveraged from this blog (from Google's Blog) where Google stated that they are committed to open Internet platform. Why ? Simple reason.. they takut sabotage by competitor that their search engine cannot be accessible. So, from this example it is easy to understand that a corporate like Google won't mind investing US$4.6 billion into some kind 'infrastructure' which they don't seem to have direct business interest with, nevertheless, Google's business is more than that amount. Hence, they have a reason to fear and protect and they aren't successfully with every bid.

Why Google won't invest in Malaysia infrastructure ? Because they are convinced that no one is capable of sabotaging them in Malaysia lar...

Therefore, for Malaysia's private sector to invest in infrastructures, the business case must be justified. Otherwise, why not get Petronas to invest in the infrastructure so that people will be traveling physically less by going online more and Petronas can expect to slow down resource depletion. Does this make sense ? Maybe it is not their problem because the oil belongs to ALL MALAYSIAN! Who has the say ? Just keep digging lar.

What you guys think huh ? (I heard that Tenaga (TNB) has a nationwide fibre optic network.. I wonder who can contribute what TNB has in mind?) C'mon, I need your feedbacks and support to benefit Malaysians.

I hate to say this, maybe Malaysia are destined to be mediocre.

And it made me feel sad trying to convince some aunties and uncles to convert from Dial-Up to broadband for some mere benefits.


Anonymous said…
broadband connection at work is alright. as always its speedier than our own paid streamyx at home. y? companies pay more for "corporate lines" instead of us home users..

yeah.. 20 million of us paying rm88 a month.. sheesh.. how can we be compared to these companies who pays more and get better service. :)

bottom line is this.
tm, stop with the whole monopoly! now! i got a restructuring plan for you.
you only have one business. and that is to leased the lines. thats it. leased it to anyone. same technology, same price.
and these smaller companies will take care of the rest.
Brandon Teoh said…
Thanks thanks..

Connection was better at home since yesterday.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for great information.
Anonymous said…
Are you really having b-r-o-a-d-band?

Click this links to check

What is Broadband? (

Connection speeds and download limits (

Is telephone cable the same as road highways?

1. Roads during peak period will have traffic jams.

2. However, telephone cables are similar to TNB cables.

3. One electric cable from TNB is connected to a row of terrace houses.

4. Bear in mind the usage of electricity is 24 hours per day in every house. Peak usage is during the night with TVs, airconds etc. Do you experience low voltage? Power surge perhaps.

5. Is broadband usage 24 hours? Is every house using broadband?


1. I urge everyone to check whether you are getting the download speed that you subscribed from streamyx. For your info, you should get at least 90%.
2. Please click this link to see how much speed you get. Click a few times to confirm. (
3. If you are getting below 50%, please do a print screen.
4. To do a print screen, put your cursor at the down right hand corner (put the cursor at the time) to get the date and day appear. Once appear, press together the keyboard buttons ctrl and prt sc.
5. Next click start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint
6. Press keyboard buttons ctrl and v
7. Then File, Save As (put a name) Save into your desktop
8. Send it as attachment to,,
9. They need your support and evidence to bring up to TM
10. Please support for everyone benefit